Welcome to Runcorn Model Flying Association

Runcorn Model Association is situated just outside Frodsham, Cheshire, on the edge of Frodsham Marshes. The site is very open with great views and surrounded by a nature reserve. We are a British Model Flying Association (BMFA) affiliated club who fly for fun while taking safety seriously.  New members are always welcome.  There are no restrictions on flying hours (though you are most likely to find members onsite at weekend mornings) and members fly both planes and helicopters.  Members can (and do) fly all year round.


Due to the issues the sport is having with drones being flown in unauthorised areas, and the resulting negative impact on our sport in general, we are not currently supporting them in our club.  The drone registration scheme (covering model aircraft and helicopters as well as drones) has been introduced from November 2019. Details are available at https://rcc.bmfa.uk/ or https://register-drones.caa.co.uk/

We have a large runway with expansive overrun areas on all sides and few trees to leap out at your model.  We easily cater for large and ‘tricky’ models such as jets and war birds and our location means loud models (within reason) are also not usually a problem.  The sheep, with which we used to share our field in winter, join us no more as we pay for exclusive access and our electric fence is no longer installed.  We do, however, occasionally share our airspace with buzzards who wander over to inspect our models.

The club hut is situated next to the pits and provides seating, cooking and hot drink facilities.  Bacon sandwiches are usually available at the weekends.

For members new to the hobby we have several instructors available who will gladly teach newcomers how to fly, offer advice on model and equipment selection and where to get the best deals. If you have still to buy your first model you are advised to visit the club and speak to the members before making purchases as some models are extremely easy to crash.  There is some guidance to get you started here.

News: Visitors welcome to our fly in starting at 9am on Sat 6th July 2024.

           Please bring your A certificate (or higher).