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Rob plays with his Beaver, Clive has a go hovering and Eric tells us about sailplanes.

Kieran flies his new Kyosho Spitfire

Dave having some relaxing paragliding fun.

Dave's Feiseler Storch on a quick circuit and short landing.

Iain and Eric show us how control-line is done.

Phil's Hangar-9 F22 Raptor getting re-maidened by Dave.

Dave's Black Horse Feisler Storch on its maiden.


Control line fun. Eric flies his vintage C/L until dizzy.

A collection of flights from May 2013.

A typical mornings flying session in April. Thanks to Eric for the flight school.

Time to remove the fence for 2013. Here the working party are filmed 'rippin it down'.

Eric shows the state of the flying field (errm, lake) after the recent heavy rains. Seems were a hardy bunch at Runcorn.

Do you have what it takes to become a member of the Runcorn Model Flying Club? See our top gun members in action as we "totally own the skies". Come on down and learn from the best.


Some of Dave's quadrocopter video collection filmed entirely on location at the flying club: Fully autopiloted flight, Larking about, Lost and found & Cold January day.
Dave's 88 inch Black Horse Wyvern strutting it's stuff around the field (and cutting the grass - ahem, ahem!). Filmed in HD - pop out the window to see the quality. Dave added his own design gear door sequencer to the Black Horse Wyvern. Can be seen inside the fuselage (the thing with the green flashing light).
Daves 88" Black Horse Westland Wyvern on it's maiden flight. Paul's BT Mustang landing at Runcorn Model Association
Paul's scratchbuilt Firefly on a short flight at RMA. A nice pass from the East and a "trade mark pass" from the west. RC Firefly landing at RMA
Hangar 9 Jug and WM jug returning to the field at Runcorn Model Association after some formation flying and tail chasing. SW wind at around 11 knots gusting. Hangar 9 P-47 and WM P-47 take flight from Runcorn Model Association flying field on a windy day.
Hacking about on a windy day with the Parkzone Trojan. An excellent aircraft that can aerobat if desired. F-22 based on the rcpowers design flying for the first time. It's a blustery day with winds 11-18 MPH making it 'interesting'...
Bill's Glasair get's it's maiden flight and tragic landing... Clive's foamy Pilatus on its maiden flight.
Hurling a Habu for a hands on launch. See what happens when you miss the runway landing a model aircraft.
Martin has fun with his large foamy P51. Kieran maidens his Habu.
Dave's FMS Stukka dropping bombs before being shot down. Dave's electric powered Hangar 9 Piper Pawnee doing a few low passes.
Dave's Glasair flown one windy Friday evening. Dave demonstrates how a 'proper' scale landing should be made.
Rob Lands His Cub Iain flies his Hangar 9 P51
Thinking of joining? This video shows the sort of stuff you'll need to be made of. Another one from Kev, showing how takeoffs should be done?
Bills first attempt at helicopter flight. Watch on and be amazed. After Bills previous attempt at flying, his helicopter is now up for sale.
Pete makes an easy landing with his baby Boomerang. Clive has a go at helicopters. His first flight goes with a bang!
Gary shows off his new toy, a quadrocopter. Nice to see em tanked around. Colin has proven the versatility of the Multiplex Fun Cub. Having previously landed it high in a tree and left it there for weeks only to recover it later he now demonstrates that Fun Cubs do float. Many thanks to Colin for this public service demonstration. – Don’t try this at home kids!
Dave’s new FMS Stukka on its second outing. A bomb release mechanism has been added. Comes complete with split flaps/dive brakes. Gorgeous to look at. Pete’s baby Boomerang on its maiden flight at the club. Seems Pete likes this and finds it practical for ‘everyday use’.
The top secret F.P.O.W. (Flying Plank o' Wood). Tony's Reichart Sirius.
Martins P40 gets it's maiden flight. Straight out of the hangar, Robs P51 makes it's maiden flight at Runcorn Model Flying Club.
Freshly swapped for an EDF, Pete takes his new(ish) heli for a hover. Colins first flight with his new Mitchell B25.
Pete maidens Colin's Mitchell bomber in the wind. Colin's Habu makes it's maiden flight one windy session late May 2011.
Dave's Parkzone Stryker on a windy day. Thanks to Kev for working the camera. What's best forgotten ...
It’s too windy at the model flying club so what can you get up to? It seems the men hide in the hut and the boys come out to play Kev's P40, an errm, economical model built from epoxy resin, band aid and elastic bands. Kev shows how to flight ready a model in under a minute!
Kev's Minicraft Javelin takes to the skies on a windy day. Seems to come well in the high winds! Large Krill Yak going through it's paces.
88" Large Yak enjoying the sky. Kev's all electric Seb Art on it's maiden flight.
Kev's Hangar 9 Twin Otter makes it's debuit. A craft of beauty and properly powered by a pair of brushless motors. Sounds rite, fies rite, is rite! Ever wondered what our models get up to after we carefully place them away for the week? This video exposes one such model and what it gets up to after the pilot has long gone.
More quad on quad action, this time with a little less wind. Dave's camera quad chasing Bill's quad around inappropriate parts of the flying site. Pete's Boomerang jet making it's first outing of the year.
Quad on quad action. Dave's camera quad chasing Bills quad on an unsuitably windy day. Bills second outing with his AeroQuad quadrocopter. As this is only his second attempt at hovering anything, I think you'll agree he's doing pretty well.
Flightline views as the camera is left on. Built by Mike Manville & his son Chris. The black aircraft suffered a catastrophic engine failure resulting in the demise of the airframe. Fantastic aircraft skillfully built.
Views from the air of the flying site. Foamy heaven as Pete flies his foamy Mitchell at the club.
Dave Eff's Fun Cub. How hard can a landing be? Hard enough to rip the wheels off? Parkzone Habu doing tons of low passes (coz that's all he can do with it)
RV3 Maiden flight at the club. First time Bill flies anything that hovers. It's his new AeroQuad.
This is Alans beautiful Black Horse Glasair. 1860 mm wingspan and powered by a Zenoah 26cc petrol engine. Here it is on it’s maiden flight at the club field. Tony's Seagul Sparrowhawk
Ken's Electric Glider test flight Discus maiden flight
Clive's F117 mk2 Clive's F117 Maiden Flight
An important message from Bill Ian's F117
Parkzone T28 Ultra Micro Trojan RMAC - Meet the members
Runcorn Model Flying Club Needs You We want You - Runcorn Model Flying Club
Pete and his Parkzone Wildcat Multiplex Fun Cub
What our runway used to be like till we put drains in! Dont hand launch if it has wheels...
This is why i dont fly helicopters,i have a hard enough time flying planes A day in the life of the runcorn model club
Dave Fenton's Fun Cub, I want one!! More FUNCUB Vids Thanks Dave...
Pete's HellCat  Patrolling the Marshes...  



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